Dan Grade Prodedures

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People under 16 years of age may be graded up to 1st Dan only, and be known as a junior Dan grade. Once they reach 16 years of age with their group heads recommendation to the Wado-UK they will automatically have their grade converted to Senior status and be registered with the governing body.

Time required to achieve grading:

Beginner to 1st Dan   minimum 3 years
1st Dan to 2nd Dan   minimum 2 years plus minimum age of 18
2nd Dan to 3rd Dan   minimum 3 years plus minimum age of 21
3rd Dan to 4th Dan   minimum 4 years
4th Dan to 5th Dan   minimum 5 years
5th Dan to 6th Dan   minimum 6 years
6th Dan to 7th Dan   minimum 7 years
  1. A physical grading is required up to 4th Dan level.
  2. 5th Dan and above is awarded for services to Wado-UK and when all the other Dan grade criteria is met. Recommendation must be made to the Wado-UK technical board for consideration.
  3. A Dan grading panel must consist of a minimum of 3 Wado-UK members (licence holders) of at least 3rd Dan level, who have passed the Wado-UK grading panel assessment. *
  4. No grading can take place or be registered unless properly constituted by the Chief Instructor of Wado-UK.
  5. Grading panel to wear uniform.
  6. All gradings must be fully recorded.
  7. All Dan grades must be conducted by recognized Dan grade examiners of at least 2 levels above the grade being taken. If this rule cannot be met, then the Technical board must be consulted.
  8. Dan grading utilizing a Wado-UK syllabus will be classed as Wado-UK Dan grades. Dan grades utilizing a Group syllabus will be classed as recognised Wado-UK Dan grades
  9. All prospective applicants for Shodan must be established as part of the Wado UK organisation team. This means they must be established or in the process of gaining qualifications in competition marshaling, table official duties, and or judging.

* For those who have their own group within Wado-UK and wish to do their own Dan gradings then the above rule of at least 3 (Wado-UK) members of 3rd Dan still applies and a syllabus must be submitted to the Chief Instructor of Wado-UK for acceptance at least 1 month prior to the grading.

Any groups who do not adhere to the rules on grading will not have the grading recognised.


Current maximum cost of a Dan grade is £40-00 for both junior & senior plus £20-00 registration fee if successful which includes the plain cotton black belt and certificate. Black belts can be silk or cotton with Kanji in any colour, stripes indicating Dan grade are not normally worn in Wado, but are allowed.