Kyu Grade Prodedures

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  1. All Wado-UK Dan grades of 1st Dan level over 21 years of age having passed a Wado-UK Kyu grading examination, will have the authority to recommend promotions of both junior and senior members up to the level of 2nd Kyu (brown belt)
  2. You are allowed to conduct gradings at your own Dojo
  3. If you are conducting a grading for someone else (it would be in order to have that instructor sit with you in case of any questions)
  4. Only one examiner is required to conduct Kyu grading (it may be helpful to have other people present)
  5. No Wado-UK examiner may conduct Kyu grade examinations for any other group’s members unless requested by that groups head
  6. No grading can take place unless the members are licensed to Wado-UK (paying for their licence on the day is acceptable)
  7. All gradings are to be entered on an official grading form and kept for record purposes
  8. Marking gradings will be by 2 systems - either English numbers or Japanese symbols
  9. If an examinee has any unusual physical conditions that will require special consideration this must be clearly stated on the grading application form
  10. Due allowance should be made for any physical disabilities or relevant factors
  11. Mon grades (half grades) are allowable for junior members only
    • How they work - mon grades are allowed for any of the Kyu grades and are designed to allow junior students to progress in easier stages
    • First half of mon grade is Basics and combinations press ups and stretching work
    • Second half of mon grade is blocks and Kata plus Kumite

The current maximum cost for Kyu grading is set at £10.00 for junior members and £12.00 for senior members to include certificate but not the belt. Training attached to the grading may be charged at a reasonable rate. Juniors taking a Mon grade will be half the cost at £5.00 but will not receive a certificate until the full grade is passed.

Certificates may be given by individual an Dojo or Group or purchased from Wado-UK at a cost of 50p per A4 certificate.

Official Wado-UK belt colours

10th Kyu
White belt with a red stripe at each belt end

9th Kyu
Red belt junior grade only

8th Mon
White belt with yellow stripe
8th Kyu
Yellow belt adults should generally start at this level

7th Mon
White belt with orange stripe
7th Kyu
Orange belt

6th Mon
White belt with green stripe
6th Kyu
Green belt

5th Mon
White belt with blue stripe
5th Kyu
Blue belt

4th Mon
White belt with purple stripe
4th Kyu
Purple belt

3rd mon
White belt with a brown stripe
3rd Kyu
Brown belt

2nd Mon
White and brown belt with 2 white stripes at each belt end
2nd Kyu
Brown belt with 2 white stripes at each belt end

1st Mon
White and brown belt with 3 white stripes at each belt end
1st Kyu
Brown belt with 3 white stripes

Black belts can be silk or cotton, with Kanji in any colour, stripes indicating Dan grade are not normally worn in Wado but are allowed